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Romantica Curtain Poles

Posted by snug concepts on March 23, 2009

New to Snug Concepts the Romantica curtain pole.

Exactly what it says in it’s name, this is a beautiful pole that enhances any curtain treatment in any window. The urn shaped finial gives style and elegance to this solid heavy weight pole. Not many poles on the market offer what this pole can achieve at this price. The sturdy backplates give strength and rigidity, so that you can hang heavy weight curtains onto this pole. The detailed grain or stained effects show through in many colours so it’s perfect with most room decors.

Colours available are: Antique Gold Grained finish, Oak and Light Oak Grained finish, Antique Pine, Antique White, Beech and Mahogany Stained finishes.

For the ultimate statement you can’t beat the 50mm diameter pole, it’s an absolutely gorgeous pole that can turn a normal window into the focal point of the room. Don’t settle for a flimsy cheap product, fit one of the best poles on the market – The Romantica Pole from Snug Concepts.

I hope reading this will provide some inspiration to your home improvement project.

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Snug Concepts “The Home of Tasteful Living

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