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Curtains and Blinds 7/01/10

Posted by snug concepts on January 8, 2010

A Day in the life of Snug Date 7/01/10 Vertical Blind.

Only a few jobs today – The snow was amazing but not for getting to our customers.
1. Went to my first customers house had to fit a large 89” vertical blind into a concrete lintel, this is top fixing very difficult to drill, you have to be patient and the drill will do the work. Using the correct raw plugs and screws for the job and you get a very good fix which will never come down. The blind vanes were made out of soft plastic as the room I was putting it in suffered badly with condensation. Customer very happy so she doesn’t need to clean the blind.
2. The next job was re-cording a piece of swish plastic track which had broken through wear and tear. The curtains were high up so a large pair of ladders were needed. Had to take the curtains off the track, and then take the track down. The fault was a sharp piece of plastic in the cord runner. I shortened the cord and filed down the sharp plastic. Excellent the track was working perfectly, so I put up the track and re-hung the curtains. Another delighted customer who didn’t need to pay for a new track.
Snow started to come down so called it a day and came home.

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