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Bay Pole

Posted by snug concepts on February 2, 2010

Date 21/01/10

Very large job taking down pelmet boards and swags and tails to install new poles and curtains.

Firstly I would like to say when you are confronted with this kind of job you are left with a large number of holes in the wall from the brackets holding the old boards up.

You will have to fill these in. A little tip is to just push the plug inwards into the hole this stops any splinter of plaster making the hole worse, then fill with a quick drying filler to speed things up.

Bay Window without Pole

Bay Window

Anyhow back to the job in hand. I have chosen (with customers permission) to use the best pole on the market (well I think so) the Swish Belgravia 29mm antique brass pole. The reason I chose this pole is that the brackets are quite substantial and the customers curtains are heavy fleece lined ones which good support.

Being pinch pleat curtains the pole has to be cut down to the exact size as the curtains cannot be adjusted after they have been made.

This job is a bit different as they have plastic central heating pipes running up the side of the window behind the plaster board. A little tip is to ask the customer to put on the central heating for a bit so the pipe warms up you can usually tell where it is. If not put the bracket about 3” away from the recess and they should be alright. They are normally between 5” and 9” away but please check as all buildings and builders are different. The bracket has a support on it for strength and you can adjust a cm if need be. There’s photos showing where I have put the brackets.

Cut down the pole to your required size and check on the brackets the curtain length before you set every think up to finish. The Belgravia has Allen screws to tighten the pole to the bracket and the finales. All done in about 2hrs thats including putting the new curtains up. See pics.

Bay Window Elbow Joint

Completed Bay Window with pole and curtains

Completed Bay Window with pole and curtains


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