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Old for New Venetian Blinds

Posted by snug concepts on February 8, 2010

5 o’clock start today Contract working on a military base ..

Very big job taking down old blinds and putting up 28 new venetian blinds in the conference rooms for reduction of light when using the overhead projector. A mammoth task as the old blinds had been up for 20 years and looked like they had never been dusted.

On surveying the first one we found that the screws holding the brackets up had rusted to the steel lintel so no way were we going to be able to just unscrew them. So out came the electric power drill and we just drilled through the screws to loosen them enabling us to get the brackets off.

This was definitely a 2 man job as the blinds were all behind pelmet boards and were in box sections to limit the amount of light coming through. Not a lot more can be said just ploughed along changing one after another until the job was finished about 6.30pm long day when we got home.


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