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Posted by snug concepts on February 24, 2010

In Bristol today working in one of the old 1890’s houses.
Coal dust plaster gets everywhere.
Went to put up curved metal tracks in 2 bay windows. Very easy job as tracks already bent for me and being screwed into upvc facias. When doing this kind of job use self drilling screws as they leave a neat finish if you happen to screw in the wrong place. Normally the builder or window fitter will put wood behind the upvc so you get a good fixing.
All went up well and the curtains looked great.

Next the biggest drop curtains I have ever done 147” drops. I used scaffolding in this customers house to get up that high , also the curtains were extremely heavy so the extra support instead of using a ladder was crucial. The track was a heavy duty corded swish metal rail suitable for heavy weight curtains. All went well and the curtains looked beautiful.


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