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Bay window track and Belgravia pole

Posted by snug concepts on March 8, 2010

Curtain track in bay window showing cross over

Cross over curtain track

Another Bay window (see photos) Used a plastic bendable track with overlap section in the middle.

Had to put 2 small pieces of track on the side walls to return the curtains into the room. This allowed more light to come in to the room creating a nice feature. The track was to fixed onto a batten in the recess of the window. Curtains were heavy chenille but hung beautifully. Lined with curtain blackout lining.

Side view of bay window curtains

Curtains with tie backs

Put tiebacks on to finish off the windows great.

bay window curtains close up

Next job that day was putting up a 3mtr Belgravia curtain pole (my Favourite). I have never in all my days of fitting come across a wall so hard to get into. Had to bring in big bertha my electric all singing all dancing drill. Blunted 3 masonry  drill bits trying to put up this pole an hour and a half later eventually got the thing up. Won’t need to go to the gym this weekend.

Photos to follow particularly proud of this job as fabric very expensive and look’s amazing.


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