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Contract NHS

Posted by snug concepts on April 19, 2010

One of my big jobs is doing work for the NHS.
A secure unit looking after who have severe mental issues.
Drove down to Taunton to put up 18 pairs of curtains and service the existing curtain track.
The aluminium track was anti ligature (which means if someone happens to pull on the track with excessive force the curtains will come off the track resulting in no harm for the patient).
Very easy job just taking down existing curtains and replacing with new curtains which conform to the health and safety regulations for the NHS.

Safety is of paramount importance in all that we provide. Now all Sunlover Blackout Blinds include a cord safety device.


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Curtain Poles at Stair Windows

Posted by snug concepts on April 7, 2010

A rewarding job for a great customer fitting a white Swish Romantica pole on the stairs window.
Set the ladders on the stairs as they are three way and put a wood plank across so I had something to balance on.
Set the self level up on the wall to mark the bracket positions, very solid wall due to being solid stone from the turn of the century. Everything went up great curtains look fabulous.
Also put up 2 Swish Belgravia solid brass poles at the downstairs windows along with a Roman blind.

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Bay window track and Belgravia pole

Posted by snug concepts on March 8, 2010

Curtain track in bay window showing cross over

Cross over curtain track

Another Bay window (see photos) Used a plastic bendable track with overlap section in the middle.

Had to put 2 small pieces of track on the side walls to return the curtains into the room. This allowed more light to come in to the room creating a nice feature. The track was to fixed onto a batten in the recess of the window. Curtains were heavy chenille but hung beautifully. Lined with curtain blackout lining.

Side view of bay window curtains

Curtains with tie backs

Put tiebacks on to finish off the windows great.

bay window curtains close up

Next job that day was putting up a 3mtr Belgravia curtain pole (my Favourite). I have never in all my days of fitting come across a wall so hard to get into. Had to bring in big bertha my electric all singing all dancing drill. Blunted 3 masonry  drill bits trying to put up this pole an hour and a half later eventually got the thing up. Won’t need to go to the gym this weekend.

Photos to follow particularly proud of this job as fabric very expensive and look’s amazing.

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Curtains looking good inside and out

Posted by snug concepts on March 5, 2010

Today fixing up some metal track for door curtains in and old people’s home. Made the curtains double sided as they could be seen from both sides.  No issues everything went up smoothly and worked perfectly.

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Posted by snug concepts on February 24, 2010

In Bristol today working in one of the old 1890’s houses.
Coal dust plaster gets everywhere.
Went to put up curved metal tracks in 2 bay windows. Very easy job as tracks already bent for me and being screwed into upvc facias. When doing this kind of job use self drilling screws as they leave a neat finish if you happen to screw in the wrong place. Normally the builder or window fitter will put wood behind the upvc so you get a good fixing.
All went up well and the curtains looked great.

Next the biggest drop curtains I have ever done 147” drops. I used scaffolding in this customers house to get up that high , also the curtains were extremely heavy so the extra support instead of using a ladder was crucial. The track was a heavy duty corded swish metal rail suitable for heavy weight curtains. All went well and the curtains looked beautiful.

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Curtains for the College

Posted by snug concepts on February 14, 2010

Date 29/01/10

A rare occasion working in the original Trinity college where they teach people to be vicars etc.
Working in the accommodation area where there were 3 large bedrooms and a very very large living area. The curtains were extremely heavy as 2 of the windows were between 5 and 6 metres wide.
Used a white heavy duty aluminium track to take the weight of the curtains. Pulling up the curtains was a long job manly because the  curtain lining was blackout in the bedrooms. The best way to pull up large curtains is to attach the string in the heading tape to a door handle thus allowing you hands to pull the tape more freely and quickly. Tiebacks were added finishing the effect of the window.
All the track was easy to put up into wood battens already attached to the walls.  All went well and the customer very happy with the end result.

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Old for New Venetian Blinds

Posted by snug concepts on February 8, 2010

5 o’clock start today Contract working on a military base ..

Very big job taking down old blinds and putting up 28 new venetian blinds in the conference rooms for reduction of light when using the overhead projector. A mammoth task as the old blinds had been up for 20 years and looked like they had never been dusted.

On surveying the first one we found that the screws holding the brackets up had rusted to the steel lintel so no way were we going to be able to just unscrew them. So out came the electric power drill and we just drilled through the screws to loosen them enabling us to get the brackets off.

This was definitely a 2 man job as the blinds were all behind pelmet boards and were in box sections to limit the amount of light coming through. Not a lot more can be said just ploughed along changing one after another until the job was finished about 6.30pm long day when we got home.

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Bay Pole

Posted by snug concepts on February 2, 2010

Date 21/01/10

Very large job taking down pelmet boards and swags and tails to install new poles and curtains.

Firstly I would like to say when you are confronted with this kind of job you are left with a large number of holes in the wall from the brackets holding the old boards up.

You will have to fill these in. A little tip is to just push the plug inwards into the hole this stops any splinter of plaster making the hole worse, then fill with a quick drying filler to speed things up.

Bay Window without Pole

Bay Window

Anyhow back to the job in hand. I have chosen (with customers permission) to use the best pole on the market (well I think so) the Swish Belgravia 29mm antique brass pole. The reason I chose this pole is that the brackets are quite substantial and the customers curtains are heavy fleece lined ones which good support.

Being pinch pleat curtains the pole has to be cut down to the exact size as the curtains cannot be adjusted after they have been made.

This job is a bit different as they have plastic central heating pipes running up the side of the window behind the plaster board. A little tip is to ask the customer to put on the central heating for a bit so the pipe warms up you can usually tell where it is. If not put the bracket about 3” away from the recess and they should be alright. They are normally between 5” and 9” away but please check as all buildings and builders are different. The bracket has a support on it for strength and you can adjust a cm if need be. There’s photos showing where I have put the brackets.

Cut down the pole to your required size and check on the brackets the curtain length before you set every think up to finish. The Belgravia has Allen screws to tighten the pole to the bracket and the finales. All done in about 2hrs thats including putting the new curtains up. See pics.

Bay Window Elbow Joint

Completed Bay Window with pole and curtains

Completed Bay Window with pole and curtains

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A Day in the life of Snug Date 11/01/10

Posted by snug concepts on January 14, 2010

A Day in the life of Snug Date 11/01/10 Fitting Belgravia.
Date 11/01/10
Monday morning cold and still snow on the ground!!!
first job of the day was fitting made to measure Roman Blinds in a bay window. The windows were upvc ones and I had to screw into the frames as no space was available above. You actually get a very good fix into upvc. Blinds look great customer very happy.
Went to my next call to fit a Belgravia antique brass pole on a Patio door. I can honestly say the Belgravia pole is the best pole on the market for the price a 29mm pole with fantastic sturdy brackets. This pole can be cut down to any size and is available in many finishes, anyway I am diversifying. Very straight forward job drilling into a wooden lintel. This was a new house but sometimes the builders put a piece of timber in front of the steel lintel so you can get a good fix for the brackets.

Curtain Pole above Patio Door

Belgravia Pole Above Patio Door

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Curtains and Blinds 7/01/10

Posted by snug concepts on January 8, 2010

A Day in the life of Snug Date 7/01/10 Vertical Blind.

Only a few jobs today – The snow was amazing but not for getting to our customers.
1. Went to my first customers house had to fit a large 89” vertical blind into a concrete lintel, this is top fixing very difficult to drill, you have to be patient and the drill will do the work. Using the correct raw plugs and screws for the job and you get a very good fix which will never come down. The blind vanes were made out of soft plastic as the room I was putting it in suffered badly with condensation. Customer very happy so she doesn’t need to clean the blind.
2. The next job was re-cording a piece of swish plastic track which had broken through wear and tear. The curtains were high up so a large pair of ladders were needed. Had to take the curtains off the track, and then take the track down. The fault was a sharp piece of plastic in the cord runner. I shortened the cord and filed down the sharp plastic. Excellent the track was working perfectly, so I put up the track and re-hung the curtains. Another delighted customer who didn’t need to pay for a new track.
Snow started to come down so called it a day and came home.

Thank you for reading the Snug Concepts Blog

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